Thank you for your interest in Gallery Row. Artists are screened when the Gallery has an opening that fits its needs.

Listed below are expectations for Gallery artists:

*Upon acceptance, there is a one-time, non-refundable fee of $100.00, along with a contract that commits the artist to the gallery for one year.

*Monthly rent is $155, due by the 1st for the next month. Rent is subject to change as gallery expenses adjust. The gallery takes 10% of all sales. Each member works in the Gallery approximately 2-3 days a month, depending on the number of artists and days that the Gallery is open that month. The calendar dates are set at the monthly meeting.

*The Gallery meeting is usually at 9 am late in the month. We rehang the Gallery each month, usually on the same day as the meeting.

*The Gallery requires at least 3 days for new artists to come and train before they work their own shifts. The Gallery will assign artist for the training.

*Gallery Row is a team-oriented business. Each artist is expected to contribute in some way to the workings of the Gallery.

*Please contact Donna Moen, Manager, if you have any questions (253-221-9027).

Artist Information and Application to join the Gallery

1. Artists interested in joining our Gallery

2. Gallery Row Application for Membership