Josi Callan


 Josi Callan has devoted her life to the enhancement of the arts. As an artist, a museum director, a curator and an executive of numerous nonprofit organizations, she has acquired a multi-dimensional
perspective on the creative process.

Callan was born in Great Britain and gained her enthusiasm for painting early on from her Father who was an artist - she says he could do almost anything with a bit of paper, water colors and ink. She began painting
in her teens, continued through college and then turned to a career in the nonprofits. In 2010 she returned to her first love of painting and has been a full-time artist since.

Callan's strong attachment with nature and her surroundings has been a meaningful constant in her life. She is inspired by what she sees: a newly opened rose or peony, the deep magenta of a cactus flower, a disappearing trail, all present numerous possibilities. My artwork is influenced by the beauty of nature.  I am an avid gardener
who is inspired by what I see; a newly opened rose or peony, the deep magenta of a cactus flower, a disappearing  trail, all offer numerous possibilities. I work primarily in oils on linen canvas.  Each painting begins with a thin wash. I then draw the image quickly and wipe out areas to obtain the composition, moving to more detail and thicker
paint as the piece progresses.  I aim to create a bit of magic with each painting.

Callan is a graduate of the California State University Domingues Hills where she received a B.A. with a concentration in Art History and Studio Art, followed by an M.A.  She has more recently studied art at the
Scottsdale Artists' School, Sedona Arts Center, Whidbey Island Center and with individual instructors.  Her paintings are represented in collections around the country.

She is a juried member of Oil Painters of America, Arizona Art Alliance and has participated in numerous juried exhibitions, including Glendale Arts Council Fine Arts Competition 2015, Arizona Arts Alliance Holiday
Exhibition 2014, SAS Beaux Arts 2012, 2014, Best and Brightest, 2013, 2014, Northern Trust 2013, Phoenix, Arizona and Art Intersection 2013, Gilbert, Arizona, Art in Partnership, Holland Gallery 2015. She is represented by Mesa Fine Arts Center Gallery, Mesa, Arizona,  Xanadu Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ and Gallery Row, Gig Harbor, Washington. 

Studio:  253-691-5145



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