Patrice Bruzas

Living in the lush beauty of the Pacific Northwest lends to the philosophy based on nature of the ancient Asian Sumi-e style of painting. To capture a subject on handmade paper or silk in a few elegant strokes of ink is ideal. The spontaneous line plays a prominent role in the composition of Sumi. The spiritual dimension becomes an all-healing meditative experience. Working with the traditional, teaching of this ancient art, I've blended my own style depicting subjects that may be insignificant or multifaceted. For me Sumi has captured my heart and soul. I try to capture a moment so that the viewer feels some positive emotion. 

Out of the Sumi-e painting evolved a collaboration of Mixed Media; using the best elements of my Sumi painting applied to handmade paper and adding touches of gold leaf, fused glass or other natural materials. My Collage works are little jewels that are typically developed from handmade paper combined with sumi and fused glass and other organic materials meant to stir the soul of the viewer.

My work has won many awards at shows both nationally and internationally.  The most rewarding aspect of my art is passing on the love of Sumi and Mixed Media through the classes I teach.

Studio:  360-769-2310




Beginning & Continued Sumi Classes At Gallery Row



Beginning & Continued Sumi Classes

At Gallery Row

Come join the fun

No experience necessary

February 2 & 23


Sign up at the Gallery Row or e-mail Patrice @

Supplies include Brush, Ink stick, Ink Stone and Handmade Paper